Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Forbidden Room by Sarah Wray

It takes just one moment for Jenny's life to change forever. Taken to live at Oak Hall Children's Centre, Jenny begins a very different life, confined to a wheelchair and dreaming of an earlier time.
Then Helen and John Holland offer her a foster home with their adorable five-year-old son, Stephen. They are the model of a perfect family, and Jenny dares to hope for happiness. Her days fill with school, her first boyfriend, learning pottery with Helen and Stephen, preparation for a ski trip, and learning to walk - and ski - again. But why is the Holland family so reclusive, what prompts Helen's sudden anger, and is the family as perfect as it seems? When she discovers an old diary beneath a floorboard, Jenny begins to unravel a dark secret. And suddenly she must make a huge and dangerous decision.
A thought-provoking page turner, The Forbidden Room is a great book that deserves more recognition that it has. Sarah Wray delves into a very controversial topic that is plaguing the news and headline: stem cell research. This book raises the question, how far would you go to save someone you love? What kept me going was the intriguing mystery at the books center that glued everything together.
Although, not the highest quality fiction out there, The Forbidden Room is definitely worth the read, especially for those who are interested in genetics.

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