Friday, February 20, 2009

Angel Blood by John Singleton

There are only four of us left, Chicken Angel, Lights Out, Cough Cough, and me. I’m X-Ray. The nurses call this place the Bin. We have to get out. We have to run away before they hurt us for good. But there's no escaping Dr Dearly and his brutality - is there? Four extraordinary children face a terrifying ordeal. Their only hope is local hard-case Nail - but has he got what it takes to save them?

Wow…totally at a loss for words right now. This book has such a simple premise-four children in a sanitarium who each have some sort of abnormality (growths on their back, no eyes, photosensitive skin), but is so innovative and stunning. The reader is slowly introduced to the horrors of the children’s surroundings and cheers them on as they escape. Because the kids have grown up in this environment, they don’t understand the real world, and have developed their own sort of language. At first the lingo was hard to comprehend, but it soon added so much originality to the story that I loved reading it. Singleton managed to write a scary, thrilling, heart-wrenching, and at times humorous tale that leaves the reader breathless and moved. Angel Blood is a hauntingly beautiful tale worth every penny.


Shirley said...

Can I borrow your copy of Angel Blood? It sounds very interesting.
Just across the street.

x-earthgirl-x said...

I've just finished reading it this second, the book is simply amazing. I found the lingo pretty easy to understand.