Monday, August 11, 2008

68 Knots by Michael Robert Evans

After a sailing camp owner’s suicide on board, eight teenagers from diverse background give the owner an impromptu burial at sea and take command of the sailboat. The sixty-eight days of summer remaining are full of amazing events: yacht races and pirate raids, a near fatal hunt for treasure, encounters with wildlife and coastal characters, and onboard parties and sexual tensions. But their freedom also leads to struggles for authority and power, some snap decisions with long-lasting consequences, and a few new friendships that could last a lifetime.
68 Knots was a riveting and refreshing read. Evans does a terrific job bringing his characters to light, allowing us into all of their minds as they question authority, morality, and relationships. The characters had great depth and each brought something to the table be it strength, laughter, toughness, faith, vision, warmth, leadership, or love. The book hooked you on the first page and pulled you swiftly through the rest with its amazing storyline; perfect for a day at the beach. The premise of the story is every young ocean-lover’s dream: to freely sail the open sea on your own boat, with good friends, good food, and plenty of alcohol! But running your own ship isn’t always easy, what with struggles for leadership, failed romances, deadly storms, and dwindling resources. Evans wonderful writing brings you right along for the ride through the ups and downs of the Dreadnought crew, leaving you completely satisfied and ready to hit the open sea for yourself!

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