Monday, August 11, 2008

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood

Morgan’s sophomore year ends with her boyfriend dumping her. Seeking attention Morgan hacks off all her hair and dies the stubble orange, causing her parents to send her on a week-long bike tour of Ireland. “As if pedaling across an entire country with a bunch of losers in padded shorts is supposed to cheer me up?” In Ireland her spirits are lifted a touch when she meets Colin, the cute redhead who drives the luggage van, Morgan’s morose feelings continue until a bike accident throws her headfirst into an alternate fantasy world, complete with wee Irish folk, magic, and a hunky warrior named Fergus. But all isn’t perfect in this corner of the past: a curse has plagued the land for years and it is up to Morgan, who is prophesied to be the savior of the century to bring them peace. Can she save the land and possible find some luck and love along the way?
This book was a great read mixed with the perfect amount of romance, adventure, fantasy, and humor. Morgan was a unique and witty protagonist whose hilarious descriptions of her tour mates left you rolling on the floor laughing. The book was kept interesting by Morgan shifting back and forth between the magical word and reality on the bike tour. Overall Why I Let My Hair Grow Out was a charming, enjoyable read and I am eagerly anticipating purchasing and reading the sequel, How I Found the Perfect Dress.

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