Sunday, August 17, 2008

Harry Potter?

So, I'm sure by now you've all heard that the highly anticipated Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie is being pushed back from November to July!! When I heard the news I almost cried. I was already so pysched to see it, it would've made the beginning of the year so much better, knowing that in November Harry would be here!
Although, with the bad news there is also some good news. The movie Twilight is being moved up from December 12 to November 21, which doesn't make up for having to wait for HBP, but it was a nice try.
I currently breezing my through Nightwood by Patricia Windsor and will definitely have a review up tomorrow, most likely a good one if the book keeps going as it is now.
So that's about it, hope everyone has had a good weekend. Today at my house we had a belated wedding shower for my cousin, Nicki who got married in Jamaica earlier this summer. It was pretty fun, though my sister left for college yesterday, so I didn't really have anyone my age to talk to: I ended up talking (actually, mostly listening) to my great-aunt babbling on about how once she accidently invited guests into the house while wearing her slippers, etc., etc....hilarious, really.
Happy Reading,
P.S. in case you were wondering, which I'm sure everyone was *crickets chirp* I finished my history paper on Killer Angels today! YAY!

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