Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So Far, So Good!

So far, blogging has been a great experience! I’m having a ton of fun and it’s so easy (which is important to me seeing as I am technologically challenged). Fellow bloggers have been really great welcoming me to the blogosphere (lame, I know), and in adding me to their blog rolls.
Since getting started yesterday, I’ve had 18 views, half of which were just me marveling at my handiwork...I know I shouldn’t be this excited about a blog, but I’ve never had a MySpace or Facebook, so this is my way to connect to people who like to do what I do-READ!
I guess I’ll use this time to tell you all a little more about myself and what kinds of books I like:
*In regards to reading, I’m definitely a genre-jumper. I like a little of everything: fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary, horror, mystery, thriller, memoir, etc. Basically the only kind I don’t read is books that are at all like the “Clique” series ,not to belittle Lisi Harrison or her writing, I know it is a very popular series, it’s just a little too “pre-teen” for me. I definitely lean toward “darker” books, meaning paranormal or fantasy.
*Some of my favorite books off the top of my head are: Harry Potter, Twilight Series, Life As We Knew It, The Ruins, A Great and Terrible Beauty series, Project 17, Certain Slant of Light, The Luxe, Fever 1793, Running Out of Time, Blink, The Missing Girl, Wicked Lovely, and Garden Spells.
*Besides the obsession with reading, I consider myself a fairly normal person. I go to a small, private, Christian high school and am about to begin my junior year: a time filled with ACTs, college visits, and extra-curriculars up the wazoo (Ahhhhh!). But, I’m actually ready for the challenge.
*My so-called ‘Junior Year Plan’ includes at least 3 college visits, 2 possible ACT exams, a potential job at the library (which I’m praying I get), learning (again) to play the piano, finishing writing one of my short stories in time for Literary Journal at school, and updating my blog at least twice a week...whew!
Oops, my “quick little post” turned into a full-blown rant! Sorry, I’ll try and limit those to one a week. Time to go get myself some ice cream, ciao!


Amanda said...

I like your blog! It's okay to rant, most of us bloggers do. It's nice to just get it all out. Your reviews are great. I'm gonna add you to my blog list if that's okay. Good job!

Maggie said...

Hey, thanks for commenting and for adding me to your blog list. I'll definitely add you to mine!

Amanda said...

No problem! I'll have to check out your blog more often!