Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fledgling Photography (3)

These are some pictures that I used a few months ago for my Great Gatsby project at school. Unless you've read the book, and even if you have, the photos might not make sense, and I'm not gonna repeat my two page paper explaining them to you. Create your own interpretation!
This is my brother, and okay, I'll just say it--the leaves represent the American Dream slowly slipping out of his (Gatsby's) hands.

This is my brother and his friend running rather queerly, but I like it, and the effect from Photoshop.

I love this one of my brother jumping off a swing-sweet, huh?


Maggie said...

In case you were wondering about the random photography post, I accidently put it on this blog, instead of my other one...

Laina said...

Lol, the comment on that second one cracked me up.